Gap Arborist Supply

Connects website and inventory to streamline sales.


Arborists at heart, this supply company is a retailer, wholesaler, and distributor of climbing gear and tools. Recognizing the need for insider knowledge while also experiencing increased demand, Gap Arborist Supply launched its company in 2017. Responsive communication and insider product knowledge are just two of the reasons customers keep choosing this rapidly growing company. Gap Aborist has been able to effectively manage its growing business with ERP software for supply centers.

Located: Kinzers, PA
Using EBMS Since: 2020


Business is e-commerce focused, making the link between their website and internal processes very important...

Gap Arborist's first try with a different e-commerce solution was painful. Links between the software and website were often broken, making sales and inventory management disjointed and difficult. After switching to Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS), they have been able to keep inventory counts current, resulting in more consistent order delivery and increased customer satisfaction.

Website and Inventory Integration

Syncing real-time inventory counts with the website has been key in the order process. Customers count on accurate stock information as they browse thousands of products with varying sizes, lengths, and options. 

Online Customer Accounts

Repeat customers and wholesale accounts place orders online with their specific pricing and terms. This integrated online experience provides the current information customers expect while also facilitating a seamless order process.

Order Fulfillment 

A key part of e-commerce sales is the shipping process. When a customer places an order via phone or the website, EBMS is used to batch process orders, print pick sheets, and ship orders. The ShipEngine integration makes it easy to rate shop and track shipping efficiently. Customers login online to view current order status and tracking information. 

Inventory Control & Forecasting

Because of the volatile supply chain, one of the biggest challenges is getting inventory in a timely way. Purchasers are now minimizing stock-outs and long wait times by forecasting what they will need and how long it will take to receive it.


Robust and accurate reporting is never more crucial than during rapid business growth. Full visibility into costs and financials, allows Gap Arborist to make knowledgeable decisions for the future of the company.

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"The thing I like the most about Eagle is the robust reporting. I know where my numbers are at." 

Ray Eager, Gap Arborist Supply

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