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Manage your workflow from quote and production to final delivery.

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Best all around solution to run your manufacturing business

EBMS allows you to effortlessly manage all of your operations in one place—connecting business financials to labor management, inventory control, sales and everything in between.

manufacturing sales software

Sell Custom Product

Price and quote complex products with made-to-order and configure-to-order, and combine optional component dialogs with flexible kitting and configurator tools.

manufacturing inventory software

Control Inventory

Track stock levels and FIFO costs from parts, raw materials, and consumables to the finished good as well as purchase, sell, and manage parts, serialized items, and assemblies.

manufacturing labor and payroll software

Streamline Production

Track labor and product costs with the manufacturing batch, and create and monitor work orders through the production process.

Our Customers

Canal Dover Furniture
Mill Creek Manufacturing
Horning Manufacturing

What people say about Koble

"The thing that excited me most since getting EBMS is the PowerBI reports that are extremely flexible and extremely visual. They have enabled us to create multiple dashboards to monitor every aspect of this business."

Henry Zook

Millcreek Manufacturing

"We have been able to expand our reporting due to all of the extra fields we can utilize to complete much more detailed searches and reports. Overall this will help us understand our Sales based on locations and other detailed factors."

Kirk Wenrich

Pine Creek Structures

"Stoll Fireplace Inc. has been manufacturing quality Fireplace Glass doors and accessories for 40 years. We have always looked for ways to improve over the years, and EBMS has been a very big asset to improving our production, our yearly records and reports, and has helped us cut down on labor cost. We are excited about the service they provide."

Stoll Fireplace

Integrate with your essential tools

We’ve made it easy to connect a number of products to our ERP to streamline your processes

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How to know if you’re ready for an ERP

As you grow the daily operations of your business become more complex. The solutions you used to rely on become harder to manage. Manual inputs and disconnected systems make it difficult for you to be confident you have what you need to make the right decisions about your business.

You need a manufacturing intelligence software that acts as a single system, connecting your team’s workflows and giving you visibility into your business.

With an ERP you’ll spend less time managing your data, gain confidence in your numbers, and be able to make informed decisions that help you build into your future.

manufacturing intelligence erp software

“There was a collective sigh of relief throughout the company when we switched to EBMS”

Henry Zook

Millcreek Manufacturing

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