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Eagle Business Software is now Koble - Rebrand FAQ Sheet

We are excited to continue serving you - our customers - as Koble. Here we hope to answer any questions you may have concerning our rebrand.

Make sure you read the announcement letter from Mike on our blog. Read it now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the change? Why Now?

We believe the name Koble better reflects our mission to connect and serve our customers, helping businesses and individuals flourish. While we are incredibly grateful for all we could accomplish under the name Eagle, that branding has become dated, and it became clear that a rebrand was the best next step.

Did Eagle get acquired/bought out?

No, our company remains under the same ownership and leadership that we've had over the past several years.

Does this mean the new cloud-based software is ready?

It is well on it's way! We have not launched the product fully, but keep in touch with your Account Manager for further updates.

Does this change anything concerning the software (EBMS) or our support subscription?

No, your software and support subscriptions are unchanged. There is no need to refresh any contracts, and you will continue to receive the same excellent support as before (though emails will be coming from instead of - we know you will miss typing three s's in a row).

Some things to note:

There are a few things you'll want to do to ensure you continue receiving communications from us and to keep your records up to date.

Update contact information

Please update the following email addresses:

Account Management:
Accounts Receivable:
To update individual contacts, please email the address you have on file, and they will respond from their new Koble address. 

Whitelist the Domain

Please have your IT team whitelist any emails coming from to ensure you continue receiving communications from your Account Manager, Support, and our Finance department. 
Additionally, make sure you're signed up to receive the information that is most important for you in your role by updating your information here: Emails & Updates

Update references to our company in your systems (like EBMS)

Please update any references of "Eagle Business Software" or "Esh Computer Center" to "Koble Systems"

For Remit To Name/Address:
Koble Systems
350 New Holland Ave, Lancaster Pa 17602
We can still accept anything remitted to Esh Computer Center or Eagle Business Software as well.

Check out our new Website

You can access your customer account, find documentation, order business forms, and submit support tickets on our new website at
Our legacy support site - - will still be available for now, but you may experience outdated content and some broken links. 

For a quick overview of our new site, watch this tutorial: