Sales Overview

Create sales orders and invoices, receive payments, calculate finance charges, and many other customer related items.

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Getting Started

Accounts receivable, referred to as Sales within EBMS, is the main order entry and billing module.   The Customer record is the central focus of the Sales module.  The customer's information such as contact information, terms, notes, quotes,  invoice detail, and history can all be accessed from the customer record.  The task module can be added to enhance the CRM (Customer Relations Management)  features of the EBMS software. Review the Adding and Deleting Customer Folders and Setting Customer Defaults sections before entering customer information. Review the Adding a New Customer section for details on adding customer information.  The customer account list can be used to do standard mailing lists, mail merges, and other customer correspondence.  Review the Changing Customer Information section for more details.

Review General Ledger Transactions > Sales Transactions Overview for financial transaction details.

Sales Process

Sales Tools 

Mobile Options

The following apps allow the user to access sales information from a smart phone, tablet, or other portal devices:

Payment Options

  • Cash and check payments:  Review the Payment Entry Dialog for steps to process cash sales.

  • Payment card payments:  Review Payment Card Processing > Overview for setup and processing credit card payments including gift, EBT, and loyalty cards.

  • Direct payments ACH:  Review ACH Payments to review the ACH options to collect customer payments submitting a NACHA file to the bank.

Point of Sale Tools

Advanced sales tools

  • Comprehensive sales tax:   Review Tax Overview for details on the advanced sales tax tools to deal with multiple states, locations, and tax jurisdictione.  

  • Configure to order tools:  Review the Materials List Overview and Configure to Order sales options.

  • Integrated shipping:  Review Freight and Shipping Calculations for details on setting up shipping methods, calculating freight, and integrating with various shipping company such as UPS.  

  • Sales commission processing:  Review Salesperson Commission Overview for instructions on creating a salesperson list with various rates, processing, and payment options.

  • Customer relationship tools:  Review CRM Overview for instructions on integrating EBMS with outlook and setup the powerful Auto Send tool to e-mail various sales documents

  • Integrated E-commerce solution:  Review E-commerce Overview for details to configure a customer B2B portal including payments, create an integrated web catalog from the product catalog, and add an integrated shopping cart to sell product with all the price options in EBMS.

  • Integrated rental system:  Review Rental Overview for details on the contracts, pricing, scheduling, and billing of rental contracts from EBMS.

Common use cases

Customer Accounts & History

The Sales Module retains customers accounts including outstanding invoices and history, customer contact information, shipping options, pricing settings, purchase history, payment history, and many other customer-related items.

Order Entry

EBMS contains many powerful order entry tools including Order Entry POS software. This module is used to create invoices and sales receipts at the time of sale. Payment options such as cash, check, debit, and credit card payments are process within the POS window.

The module can be used as a point-of-sale station that interfaces with bar code scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers.

Video Walkthrough


  • Powerful Sort & Query options for Customer Lookup and Grouping Processed Invoices
  •  Multiple Sales Tax Schedules
  •  Sub-materials list within the Invoices for Contracts or Assemblies
  •  Powerful Sales Order features
  •  Flexible Credit Memo processing
  •  Associates a specific Price Level to each customer
  •  Convenient Cash Reconciliation and Deposit Processing
  •  Extensive Invoice and Sales Order Document Customizations
  •  Supports one-time customers
  •  Flexible user-defined Contact Fields
  •  Flexible Finance Charge Adjustments and Calculations
  •  Maintains a monthly Receivables Balance for each customer with easy-to-access history
  •  Flexible Shipping Charges and Conditions
  •  Handles Partial Payments and Down Payments
  •  Separate Ship-To and Bill-To Customer Information and History
  •  Custom Messages to prompt users about specific customers
  •  Record and track Lost Sales reasons and information

Enhancements and Customizations Available

Sample Reports

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